Training Services

Calm, quiet, horsemanship and mulemanship. The goal is to build a solid foundation, asking them to work and think in a constructive way that allows you get the job done. Work or play, in the backcountry, on the trail, or in the arena, know your equine is learning how to work and interact with the real world. also to react calmly in different environments and situations.

We start simple. Tying, picking up feet and trailer loading. Soon to follow is saddling, ponying, packing and eventually riding. 

Every animal is different, please call to discuss your goals for your equine.


farrier service and training

the Kootenay Mule


farrier service & training

Ashley Pederson  

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Farrier Services

Whether your horse needs a regular maintenance trim, a set of shoes to climb over the next pass, or new kicks to knock out the competition, ten years of experience will provide you with patient, knowledgeable, reliable service. 

Saddle and driving horses, mountain stock, drafts, mules and donkeys welcome. Stock not used to being handled and young critters may require a consultation or extra training at an additional cost.

I offer mobile services in the east Kootenays. This includes Invermere and surrounding area, Cranbrook and surrounding area, as well as the Elk Valley, including Fernie and Jaffray.

Call or text 250-420-1873 to book your appointment in advance.